How did Eustace & Clyde started? - Part 1

Last year, my first book as illustrator and writer was released by Five Mile Press.
It was a long way since I started, I think two years went by before it could get its home. 
I wanted to show you the backtage of it, as a friend of mine says, "the kitchen."

Here are some first sketches, searching for the perfect koala pair.
 I remember that in order to make them different I first did Eustace's head squared. 
This was changed to a rounded one later, after a helpful editor's advice. Thank you!!!

Then, the first storyboard and a few corrections. For this stage, I used mostly recicle printed paper drawing them --or pasting with tape, on the non-used side.
A storyboard is the first rough of the book: it is where illustrators are able to organize things, the pace, actions or silences, and the whole story. 
It is the time for drawing, erasing, drawing and erasing, over and over again. 
It is also the moment to get to know your characters better and make them alive!
It is so much fun and some times it can be a little daunting. 

Finally,  the cover of the printed dummy.  A dummy is very important because is what make a publishing house to decide wether they will publish it or not. 
It is also the real object where editors will be able to see how the story works. 
My story was taken to several publishing houses and after a lot of refusals and one almost approval, it finally got its yes in an Australia's publishing house: Five Mile Press. 
And it was there, where I was asked to change the original title 
from "Kokko the koala" to "Eustace & Clyde."

Next week, I will show the rest of the dummy and
how the story continued once it was accepted to be published.



My book in UK and France!

Happy New Year! 

A lovely way to start 2015!!!
The mailman came last week with fantastic news inside: 
My book Eustace and Clyde, first published by Five Mile Press in Australia last year, 
can be found in UK (in soft cover) published by Five Mile Press as well; 
and in France, published by Piccolia Publishing House as Oscar et Eustache!!!
I'm so happy! Je suis heureuse!!!

From France!

From England!

From Australia!