Sending love and thanks to special people

I always send my big thank you every end of each year via email, 
to my friends, family and colleagues, 
and specially, to those wonderful people who trust in my work and ideas.

This year I made a twist and prepared a lovely card and special envelopes.

I thought this would be an excellent ritual to repeat every year. 
It is so lovely to receive a real postcard with warm wishes and thanks!
I hope they all arrive safe.
Happy Holidays!!!



It's that time of the year again!

It is half December. We are just a few days before the new year begins.
It is a time of joy, get together, celebrate and remember.
Hoping many happy moments will find their way to you, 
leaving lovely memories you’ll treasure all the year through!
Have a lovely Holidays and a great start to 2015!!!



Branding illustration and so much fun!

A great project!

I've been a little bit busy lately. Specially because new projects have arrived to my desk.

One in particular was commissioned by an Australian Design Company to create the image for a brand. I cannot tell much about it yet, but I can show you a few images that were not selected by the client.

This project was excellent because I had a lot of liberty and lots of fun while working on it.