How did Eustace and Clyde started? - Part 2

Hello everyone! 

At the last post, I let you know a little bit about how my book Eustace and Clyde first started. 
Just in case you missed it, here is the first part of this story --The story within the story!

Today I will let you know a little bit about some spreads I revised
so that the story had more Australianness --or Australian appeal.

Here is the the dummy I first created and that later would be modified
by collaborating with the book's editor Melissa from Five Mile Press. A pleasure to work with!

Since the publishing house is from Australia, they wanted the book to have more Australian animals and plants. And they asked me if I could change some animals in the book
by adding a few local residents.

That meant fun time and research!

I started looking for Australian plants and animals at the web.
Australia has a gigantic variety of marsupials and lovely birds.
It's exciting learning something new with every book: I love what I do.

After this stage, I printed the images and get back to the other part of the work I love: drawing!
And after a few days these were the results.

The editor was happy with them so I started changing a few pages.

For example at the second spread we can see Clyde in a tree. As they live and eat Eucalyptus
 or Australian Gum Tree, the editor asked me
to modify the leaves I originally drew -- you can look at them at the pdf!

And below, you will find a few more spreads I modified.
 Look at these and the ones from the dummy and see if you can find the differences!
And if you can't, don't worry, I will answer any question or doubt you have about them, just let me know!

I hope you enjoy this story about how this book was born as much as I do.
Next time, I will show you a few pages more that I had to do before finishing the book: end pages, the title page and the final page of the book with acknowledgements.