Another late illo... but here I am.
This week I was sick (some kind of sore throat and fever) and I could not post before...
I was thinking on some people or things that may have bad opinions about me (I am a loveable person, my friends can tell!)
This idea came up (after coughing a lot, as well as you have to give some opinion and you cough before telling it) to me and may be useful for this week...
I hope you like it!

Otra ilu un poco tarde... pero acá estoy.
Esta semana estuve enferma (anginas, fiebre) y no pude postear antes.
Estuve pensando en la gente o las cosas que podrían tener malas opiniones sobre mí... (soy una persona amable... mis amigos pueden confirmarlo!).
Esta idea llegó luego de mucha tos (como esas que te agarran cuando toses y estás pensando en algo no muy bueno... y tenés que dar tu opinión...) y pensé que podría ser útil para esta semana...
Espero que les guste!


Buskitten said...

Hi Marina,
Great illustration, sorry you've been ill and hope you're feeling better now. Lots of buglets around at this time of year!
best Wishes,

Rui Sousa said...

Beautiful really nice work!

marina aizen said...

Thank you so much to both of you!!!
Here in Argentina we are on summer time, but the big problem is going in and out from places with air conditioned... So... That is the worst part of this season for me.

Thanks for leaving me your comment, have been really warm and lovely.

Laura Torres said...

ja, ja qué copada la ilus!!!!!!

Espero sigas recuperándote!!!!!!!!!!
Abrazos no tososos!!!

Eric Barclay said...


marina aizen said...

Lau! Gracias gracias por tus comentarios siempre tan dulces!
Estoy un poquito mejor, pero tengo una tos que me está molestando...
Besos refrescantes,

marina aizen said...


Hi! Welcome to my little world. I am so happy you liked my illo!
I will see yours soon!
Till next IF or before!

Dada's place said...

I LOVE your illustration! Wonderful, original, interesting work! Love the colors you chose! Lovely! :)

marina aizen said...

Hi Dragana!!!

I just came from your place (blog) and I enjoyed it so much! I like the ideas you have and your characters too! I loved the little dog...
I liked the colors and the way you do the eyes...
You have now a follower.
I will take note of your blog to go there usually!
Very pleased to meet you too!

Lets said...

No no no!!! es muy graciosa tu ilus!
Mis plantas también hablan mal de mi jajaja

marina aizen said...

Jajaja! Muchas gracias Lets!
Nos vemos prontito!
pd: y tu gatita? como anda?