This is to those long ever lasting loves that remain
no matter what happens.
Dedicado a esos amores que perduran en el tiempo más allá de todo.

And specially to my very best friends:
María, Marisa, Lore, Nico y Martín.
Y especialmente para mis mejores amigas y amigos:
María, Marisa, Lore, Nico y Martín.


Lets said...

Es muy distinto a tus laburos siempre!!! que linda la textura del agua y a ellos se los nota muy enemorados... que lindooooo

Karin said...

What a fun illustration. Great work!

wishingstar~creations said...

Beautiful work!

marina aizen said...

Gracias Lets!!!!

Karin and wishingstar creations thank you so much for your lovely words!
And welcome to my blog too!

I will be visiting soon!

Besos variopintos!
Best for you and kisses!


julissa said...

Hi Marina! I like the style of your characters and love lines in the water. And they look so sweet and content with each othe... really nice piece!
Thanks for nice comment on my blog. :D

Marina Aizen said...

Thanks Julissa!
You are really nice! I will take a look on your work.