How did Eustace and Clyde started? - Part 3

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for taking too long to come back to this last post. I've been very busy lately!

Fortunately, I have finished working at the moment and I took a little bit of my time to share this last post about how my book Eustace and Clyde was created. 
Just in case you missed it, here is the first part and the second part of this story.

Today I will let you know a little bit about some special pages, which were the title page and the final page of the book.

I was asked to create a new image for the title page and for the final page of the book.

I wanted to create something inviting to go with the title. So I thought a few options like these:

And the editor and I decided that will be good the one pointed with a red arrow. It was inviting to read as well as ideal to show a nice advance of these two friends.

Here is how it looked in black and white and then the final image:

Then the final was the other page I had to picture.
I had most of the book completed but still the last page was missing.
I first thought in doing a party --because the koalas returned to their home and friends.

And here it's my first option:

But the editor thought it would be nice to end the book with a more calm, silent and hopeful image. So I created a second option. Which was the chosen one fortunately.

And with this image ends the last part of Eustace & Clyde's story, 
the story of how this lovely book was thought, created and made.

I hope you enjoyed it! 

If you like, you can leave a message about which images did you enjoy the most 
or what other things you would like to know about it.

Lots of love,

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